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  • November 11, 2019 6 min read

    “Why do I always get sick in the fall?”

    It’s a question everyone asks themselves around this time every year. If you think about it, it’s no surprise that the fall season is synonymous with the flu and colds.

    People start spending more of their free time indoors and children have gone back to school, creating all sorts of opportunities to spread illnesses around. Cold, dry air allows the viruses that cause the common cold to spread easier.

    Add in your exhausting schedule, and it’s no surprise that you get run down and become susceptible to colds and sickness every year.

    Naturally, this leads to another question: “What can I do to boost my immunity during cold and flu season?”

    Though some people swear by the flu shot, a lot of people don’t get it or actively avoid it.

    There are a lot of home remedies you’ve probably read about or learned from older family members, but can you be sure that they actually work? When the price of sickness is missing work and potentially passing it on to the rest of your family, you should be able to trust what you’re doing to – or putting in – your body.

    If you’re looking for an organic way to boost your immunity and keep your body healthy, look no further than an immunity wellness shot.

    Immunity Wellness Shot Benefits

    Immunity wellness shots are loaded with superfoods and other organic ingredients that can offer a variety of tangible health benefits. Though they are small in size, they certainly pack a punch. Wellness shot benefits can vary depending on the wellness shot recipe in question, but here are four ways these powerful juices can help boost and protect your health.

    1. Cold and Flu Protection

    Whether you already have the sniffles or just want to be prepared, immunity wellness shots are a great way to stop a cold in its tracks. Immunity shots often make use of superfoods that are high in vitamin C, which is proven to help prevent and fight off sickness. Certain natural ingredients, like organic cold-pressed lemon juice, can even soothe a sore throat you’ve been battling. In addition to helping you recover from sickness, the antioxidants, enzymes, and antimicrobials in the ingredients keep your body healthy and strong.

    2. Fights Inflammation

    Wellness shot benefits frequently include inflammation reduction, often through the use of organic turmeric and ginger. After all, who wants to deal with an aching head or soreness during an important phone call or meeting? Any type of inflammation relief can work wonders on a busy day. Active ingredients in wellness shots can even provide some relief to those suffering from conditions like arthritis and post-surgery pain.

    3. Eases Digestion

    More people experience digestion issues than they’d like to admit, making this one of the more common wellness shot benefits. In fact, according to the American Nutrition Association, 70 million people battle digestive issues every day. An active blend of organic ingredients like turmeric, cold-pressed lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and ginger can ease digestion and get your body back to normal. Enzymes in these superfoods aid digestion, reduce bloating, and offer much-needed pain relief.

    4. Promotes Energy

    Let’s be honest, we could all use a little more energy in the mornings. Heck, we could use more energy in the afternoons and evenings, too. Wellness shot benefits include an energy boost for this very reason. Instead of relying on coffee for your energy, which is quite acidic and can cause digestive issues, why not choose an immunity shot that actually benefits your body while giving it energy? Turmeric and ginger are powerful energy boosters and are almost always the main ingredient in immunity wellness shots.

    Additional immunity wellness shot benefits are stimulated weight loss and an influx of powerful antioxidants and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are plant molecules that give plants the power to fight off predators, hostile conditions, and even disease. You might notice some of the benefits brought on by wellness shots – like healthier skin and more energy – but these nutritious juices also benefit your heart, liver, and other important organs.

    Are Homemade Wellness Shots Worth It?

    As important as it is to be health-conscious, it’s just as important to some people to be prudent with where they spend their hard-earned money. You’ve likely seen your share of immunity wellness shots while walking through Whole Foods or your local grocery store. It can be tempting to make an impulse buy, but these costs can add up once you realize the benefits and go back for repeat purchases.

    For those who are thinking with their wallets, the next step is often to come up with a DIY wellness shot solution. However, while homemade wellness shots seem like a great idea, it can be quite difficult to stick the landing. Sourcing your own organic superfood fruits and vegetables might seem easy enough, but crafting a wellness shot recipe isn’t equivalent to making a fruit salad.

    It can take years to become an expert on the subject, and finding a great-tasting DIY wellness shot recipe that taps into the full potential of your plant-based ingredients is quite the challenge. Will you even enjoy what you’re drinking, and how can you be sure you’re really benefiting?

    The truth is, homemade wellness shots aren’t worth it, and neither are those $5 shots you see at the store. Smart Pressed Juice’s new Immunity Wellness Shot will save you money and keep your body healthier than ever as we enter cold and flu season.

    Introducing the Smart Pressed Juice Immunity Wellness Shot

    Our Immunity Wellness Shot is a ginger/turmeric shot replacement that will act as your body’s health insurance. Instead of buying immunity wellness shots in bulk or heading to the store on your way to work every day, enjoy the convenience of a jar of our pressed juice. At just $1 per shot of our organic immune-boosting superfoods, your bank account will look and feel as healthy as you are.

    Just like the rest of our products, all you need to do is add water to the powdered juice and you’ll have an immunity wellness shot rich with organic superfoods. Our recipe is comprised of 100% natural ingredients; we don’t use any sugar, fillers, or other added chemicals that could be detrimental to your health. Additionally, every product our team sells is USDA certified organic, certified Vegan, non-GMO, and Kosher.

    Want to know why our Immunity Wellness Shot is so powerful? Let’s take you through the ingredients and their many benefits:

    • Organic cold-pressed lemon juice: This great source of vitamin C and other essential nutrients helps soothe sore throats, boosts your immune system, promotes digestive enzymes, and is an antimicrobial.
    • Organic turmeric: This potent anti-inflammatory spice offers significant pain relief, is a great energy booster, improves digestion, and even promotes healthier skin.
    • Organic apple cider vinegar: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, organic apple cider vinegar stimulates your immune function, aids digestion with enzymes, and is an antimicrobial.
    • Organic ginger: Perfect for combatting an upset stomach, organic ginger also helps with inflammation, stops nausea, provides pain relief, reduces bloating, and is a potent antimicrobial.
    • Organic echinacea: Organic echinacea has antiviral properties, improving immunity, activating natural killer cells, increasing antioxidants, and reducing the severity of illnesses.

    If you’re tired of trying out DIY wellness shot recipes or paying $5 a pop at your local supermarket, grab a jar of our Immunity Wellness Shot here.

    Whether you’re gearing up for cold and flu season or just want to give your body some added protection, you definitely want to take part in our monthly subscription program. You’re already saving money with our products, but you will SAVE 5% MORE every month when you subscribe! What are you waiting for?


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