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  • October 29, 2020 6 min read

    The words “healthy” and “Halloween” don’t really go together, do they? It’s a night filled with candy, candy, and more candy.

    While there’s always at least one house passing out apples or toothbrushes, most of them are loading sugar into buckets and bags that your children bring back into your home. 

    Plus, it’s all too easy to eat some of the candy you plan on passing out to trick-or-treaters. Even worse is if you have a ton of candy leftover. It all ends up getting eaten.

    So, what do you do? How can you avoid the sugar rush that has become synonymous with Halloween? 

    We’ve prepared 5 foolproof tips to help you avoid digging into all that candy. Plus, just in case the candy still gets eaten, we’ll show you how to get your health back on track with a simple post-Halloween detox.

    P.S.It’s cold and flu season and COVID-19 is still hovering over our country, so we’re giving you some immunity tips in this blog for extra protection.

    1. Fill Up Before Trick-or-Treating Starts

    Between rushing home from work, making sure you’re ready to receive trick-or-treaters, and getting your kids into their costumes, it can be difficult to find time to eat dinner.

    But eating dinner before trick-or-treating begins can go a long way toward ensuring you keep your hand out of the candy basket. Not only does making time for a meal ensure you won’t be doing the “one for you, one for me” move all night, but it also ensures you get a healthy meal in your belly.

    What better way to curb temptations than to make sure you aren’t in the snacking mood? If you aren’t sure what you want to make for dinner on Halloween, check out ourclean meal recipes for inspiration.

    2. Buy Candy You Don’t Like

    We all have our favorite candies, but buying these favorites is often a double-edged sword. Sure, you’re sharing your favorite candies with all of the children in your neighborhood, but you’re also creating unneeded temptations for yourself all night (or all week, depending on how early you buy candy).

    Buying some candies you’re just luke warm on and others you’re not a fan of can ensure you only put your hand in the candy bowl when trick-or-treaters are at the door. And don’t feel bad for the kids you’re giving the candy to. It’s free candy! Besides, everybody has their own favorite candies. You could be making some kids’ nights.

    Alternatively, you can do some research to find which popular candies are healthier than others. Purchasing some healthier options means you won’t feel as guilty if your hand does find its way into the candy bowl.

    3. Eat Candy Sensibly

    As important as it is to watch what you eat, it’s also important not to be overly strict with your diet. Halloween is supposed to be a holiday - and a fun one at that. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few pieces of candy, though it’s still good to be sensible about it.

    This is especially true if you have children. Setting a good example for your kids can help teach them healthy habits that will benefit them for years to come. For example, make sure to save candy for dessert. As long as you’re filling up on a nutritious meal, you won’t feel the need to fill up on candy. 

    Part of eating candy sensibly includes minimizing temptations. If you keep leftover Halloween candy on the counter in your kitchen, you’ll walk by it several times each day. That makes it very easy to give in and have a piece here and there.

    Instead, try keeping it out of sight or maybe somewhere that’s hard to get to. If you have to stand on a stool or move pots and pans around every time you want a piece of candy, you probably won’t eat it throughout the day. 

    4. Donate or Sell Your Candy

    This one hurts, but it’s 100% effective! I know you don’t want to get rid of the candy you bought, and your children definitely won’t want to, either. But if donating excess candy can help those in need, it will be all worth it.

    You don’t need to get rid of all the candy, of course. There’s nothing wrong with keeping some for yourselves. But if you have too much and you know it’ll throw a wrench in your diet, it’s best to get rid of it.

    You might not be able to convince your children to get rid of their candy stash, but perhaps you can buy some of it back from them so you can donate it. 

    There are plenty of places that accept candy donations, like shelters, food pantries, and children's hospitals. There are even some dentist offices who will buy the candy from you. If you think you may go this route, check with others in your community to learn who is accepting candy.

    5. Hydrate and Cut Cravings

    A big, nutritious dinner is one way to keep the hunger at bay until Halloween is over, but it’s not the only option you have. If you don’t have time to prepare a meal, there are some quicker solutions that can keep you feeling full.

    The first is pretty simple: Stay hydrated. The more hydrated you are, the less hungry you'll feel in between meals. If you ever still feel hungry after eating a meal, it often just means you're thirsty and need more hydration. For Halloween, some extra fluids can help ensure you don’t reach for the candy bowl. 

    Another solution is to add some protein powder to your water or to make aquick smoothie. OurVegan Vanilla Proteini is the perfect choice, giving you nature’s perfect dose of protein in just 100 calories. Our proteini will keep you feeling full all throughout trick-or-treating so you can easily fight off any temptations.

    Don’t Forget About Your Immunity

    In many areas of the country, it’s already cooled down significantly. With these colder temperatures comes cold and flu season. However, with 2020 being the year that keeps on giving, you can’t forget that COVID-19 is still floating around like a ghost with unfinished business.

    This year, make sure to take steps to boost your immunity as we head into the holiday season. A strong immune system is your last line of defense against the cold, flu, and coronavirus. 

    To keep your immune system in fighting form, try ourImmunity Wellness. This daily ginger-turmeric drink delivers a powerful punch of immune-boosting antioxidants and superfoods that will help you stay on your feet.

    You can mixImmunity Wellness with water for a very quick drink, or you can try one of ourtasty recipes!

    Couldn’t Avoid the Sugar? Try a Quick Detox

    Let’s be honest: No matter what precautions we take, we all have moments where we overindulge. And that’s ok! It happens to everyone and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    But it's easy to regret eating all that sugar when you're feeling bloated, fatigued, and moody the next day. It can be discouraging, especially when you're trying to get your health on track. 

    But eating too much candy on Halloween isn't a major setback. In fact, we expect this sort of thing to happen. That discouraged feeling is exactly why we developed ourPineapple Chia Cleanse

    Not only does this unique blend of superfood fibers act as your daily mini-cleanse to fight off bloating and cravings, but it also contains activated fibers that gently remove the waste from unhealthy eating. 

    There may not be a way to truly “undo” unhealthy eating, but this is as close as you can get. If you’re feeling discouraged after a day - or even a few days - of unhealthy eating, trustPineapple Chia Cleanse to get you back on track and feeling healthy again.

    Try This Detox Recipe: Pineapple Chia Banana Berry Smoothie

    • 1 scoop of Pineapple Chia Cleanse
    • 10 ounces (1¼ cups) of nut milk
    • 1/2 a banana
    • 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries or mixed berries
    • 2 pitted dates (optional - remove pits when blending)

    Blend and enjoy! It's that easy to start your sugar detox!

    For more SMART lifestyle tips like this, and follow us onInstagram andTwitter, or like us onFacebook. You can also visit ourAmazon store to stock up on our delicious juices.


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