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  • January 26, 2021 5 min read

    Solutions For How To Reduce And Replace Cravings

    by Dr. Jason Dave, ND


    It may feel like our bodies are programmed to crave sweets and naughty foods. It’s almost like our biology has set us up to fail! So does that mean that fighting our cravings is a lost cause?

    Heck no!

    Here’s the ultimate guide to show you exactly how to take back control of your cravings, for good! 


    Craving the wrong foods – and the weight problems that come with it

    Food cravings are unfortunately a battle we all face, with over 90% of people experiencing them on a regular basis.

    Every person experiences cravings differently, but they are often for highly processed foods that are high in sugar, salt and unhealthy fats. 


    Where Cravings Come From

    When you get a headache or crave sugar, this is not your body saying you need it- it’s saying you have an addiction, an imbalance, or an unmet need. The craving is not the need; instead, an essential nutrient to metabolism is missing. 

    The number one way to address cravings is to make sure you are nourished properly. When your body is given all the nutrients it needs, cravings are dramatically reduced and you are set up to make much better decisions. 

    We’ve all heard of the term “superfoods” but what exactly are they? Superfoods are foods – mostly plant based – that contain very few calories and offer high nutritional value. 


    These nutrients are KEY to your battle against cravings. 

    The high vitamin and mineral content found in superfoods fight cravings every day, and can even help protect you against certain diseases and keep your body functioning in a healthier way. When these foods are incorporated into a well-balanced diet, they can help you cut cravings, increase energy levels, and even help you lose weight.         


    My top cravings-busting superfoods include:

    • Chia seed
    • Maca root
    • Sacha inchi seed
    • Quinoa
    • Flax seed
    • Psyllium husk
    • Cranberry seed
    • Sprouts

    I love that theCut Cravings Bundle arms you with a powerful blend of over 15 different types of organic superfoods to fight cravings for good. 

    These ingredients provide the ideal combination of vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrients to cut cravings and provide additional benefits such as increased energy levels throughout the day and provide daily detox support. Each bundle contains:

    You can take these products using this sample schedule (it is also perfectly fine tomix the two together):


    8 AMVegan Vanilla Proteini | Cut Your Cravings
    Start your morning off right with plenty of energy and feel satisfied throughout the day with clean, organic plant-based protein from 10 superfoods like quinoa, maca, sacha inchi and sprouts.


    5 PMPineapple Chia Cleanse | Detoxify the Junk
    Feel full and satisfied after a long day with activated fiber from flax, chia, pineapple enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. It’s your daily mini-cleanse to ensure you feel light, clean and happy every day. 


    Benefits of these Cravings-Busting Superfoods

    Let’s take a closer look at some ways that these superfoods can benefit our health:


    1.  Curbs cravings and helps with weight loss

    Reaching for a cookie or sweet treat after dinner? Craving that fatty unhealthy snack in the middle of the day? Superfoods- especially those that contain higher amounts of fiber (such as flax, chia and sacha inchi seeds) can help ward off these cravings. The fiber found in these superfoods help to slow down digestion, making you feel full for a longer period of time and slow the rate at which sugar is released into your bloodstream. These effects, in turn, help to sustain a steady energy level after eating and lower inflammation which can lead to weight loss. 


    Our emotions and increased stress levels can also play an important role in why we may crave unhealthy foods. Stress can decrease our magnesium levels, causing us to feel emotionally unbalanced and anxious. Consuming flax, chia and sacha inchi seeds can provide a rich source of magnesium which can combat our increased anxiety and stress throughout the day. 


    2.  Increases energy levels

    Superfoods, such as maca root and quinoa, were used in ancient times in Peru to help increase energy levels. As a matter of fact, quinoa has been found to have more protein than any other grain. It is so abundant in amino acids (or the structural units that make up proteins) that it is classified as a complete protein. These amino acids help with building muscle and reducing fatigue after exercise. Both maca root and quinoa also contain an abundant amount of nutrients such as iron, potassium, and B vitamins that provides plenty of energy to help you get though the day.


    3.  Improves memory and protects against harmful toxins

    Another great benefit of superfoods is their ability to protect against the damaging effects of toxins from in body. Toxins from our environment and the unhealthy foods we eat tend to accumulate in our body over time. Unfortunately, the buildup of these toxins can lead to negative effects on the body- which can affect our memory, cause weight gain, and even lead to certain cancers. Certain “berry” superfoods like cranberries and bluberries are rich in fiber, vitamins, and phytochemicals (plant compounds) that protect our cells from the damaging effects of these toxins. In particular, phytochemicals found in berries have been shown in studies to helpimprove memory in older adults andprotect our cells against certain cancers

    The fiber found in superfoods can also help to promote regular bowel movements, which eliminate waste and toxins from our body. Without adequate amounts of fiber in our diet, these toxins begin to pool in our colon and get reabsorbed back into our body.

    Armed with the right superfoods, you are on your way to winning the battle against cravings, for good! The next time you feel a craving coming on, make one of these smoothies and be amazed at your willpower.


    For some delicious ways to use these superfoods in your diet, please visit our recipes page to try some new ones out.


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