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  • April 27, 2021 5 min read

    Hello! I’m Dr. Cassidy Miller, and this is my quick reference guide that will allow you to get the most out of yourCut Cravings Bundle.


    Cut Cravings Bundle Game Plan schedule- 8 am below a jar of Vegan Vanilla Proeteini, 12 pm below the plate, spoon and knife image,  5 pm below a jar of Pineapple Chia Cleanse jar, 6 pm below the plate, spoon and knife image.



    Congratulations! I’m Dr. Cassidy Miller, and I am a naturopathic physician that is here to support your health goals. 

    By reading this guide it means that you are taking the time to invest in your health and that is definitely something that should be celebrated! 

    I want to walk you through exactly why I recommend theCut Cravings Bundle by SMART Pressed Juice. 

    This amazing superfood bundle has exactly what I would recommend in my clinic to help with the most common complaint doctors seem to hear around weight loss struggles-intense cravings that set you back even further from your health goals. 

    If you don’t have theCut Cravings bundle yet, I recommend you pick one up and relax with a smoothie while I walk you through how to conquer your cravings for good! 


    Cut Cravings and Jumpstart Your Health with a Huge Advantage


    Who Is The Cut Cravings Bundle For? 

    We’ve all been there- you set out on a new goal to eat healthier. You start on Monday morning and feel motivated and ready for anything. You get to work, and somebody has brought a treat that is so difficult to resist. You make the promise to yourself to stick to it, but then, 10:30am rolls around and your breakfast has long worn off. 

    You’re hungry, your mind keeps going back to that pastry and in a moment of weakness, you reach for it. This happens time and time again, especially when you try to make changes to your diet and are ill prepared or not nourishing your body the way it needs. 

    The best way to approach this kind of situation is by having healthy snacks on hand and having a good source of protein and fiber in your diet.Vegan Vanilla Proteini and Pineapple Chia Cleanse offer some of the best sources of fiber and protein to help keep you on track and away from those cravings. Trust me, if you had thissmoothie before you saw that donut, temptation wouldn’t be an issue anymore!


    Why should you take it? 

    Cravings can come for a variety of reasons. Sugar, for example, triggers the opiate receptors in our brain that trigger dopamine, aka the reward center. This gives your brain incentive to want to eat more and more to continue giving you that rush of dopamine. 

    Other reasons for cravings may be hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, poor eating habits, elevated stress levels, loss of sleep and decreased physical activity. Therefore, in addition to making sure you are sleeping well, exercising regularly and keeping your stress in check, it is extremely important to monitor what is going into your body. The more regularly you put sugar in, the more you feel the need to eat sugar. 

    Also, without having enough protein or fiber, you will likely have blood sugar swings, making weight loss and keeping cravings at bay much more difficult. TheVegan Vanilla Protein gives you a great source of plant-based protein that your body needs to keep you feeling full and your blood sugar regulated. Also, thePineapple Chia Cleanse provides a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber that act to reduce cravings, keep you feeling full, decrease bloating, regulate hormones and aid in detoxification. 


    When should you take it? 

    There are a few things that help to maintain successful eating habits:

    (1) Being prepared – make sure you have healthy snacks and meals ready to go to make it as easy as possible to stick to your plan. 

    (2) Starting your day off strong with a meal high in protein and healthy fats (aka brain food) can help you power through your morning without batting an eye. A great way to start your day is through the Vegan Vanilla Proteini. Combining this with a healthy fat source like avocados, nut butters or small amount of coconut oil is a great way to give you a regulated blood sugar to decrease cravings and keep you feeling full. 

    (3) Finishing your day with intention so that you don’t succumb to that late night snacking. At the end of the day, taking thePineapple Chia Cleanse gives you the fiber you need to help slow your digestion, while speeding metabolism and keep you feeling full for the evening. It also has the benefit of cleaning things out overnight through its detoxification and binding effects. 

    How do you make it? 

    You can access tons of delicious smoothies and recipes here:

    Pineapple Chia Cleanse:

    Vegan Vanilla Proteini:


    Cut Cravings Smoothie


    Purple Haze Smoothie to Cut Your Cravings- Radiah Rhodes


    What’s in it? 

    Vegan Vanilla Proteini –This organic, easy-to-digest product blends 10 different types of plant-based protein sources and supports it with a superfood blend to make it a complete, nutrient dense, source of protein. This is great to start your day with because it will provide you with the energy and stamina you need, keep you feeling full and keep your blood sugar well-regulated, so those mid-morning cravings won’t hit nearly as strong. 

    Pineapple Chia Cleanse- A combination of soluble and insoluble fiber from 15 different superfoods soothe the GI tract, suppress hunger, regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation. The chia and flax seed blend have also been shown to help modulate hormones which can be beneficial at reducing those cravings. By adding this into your evening routine, especially after a few days, you will find that those cravings will soon be much more manageable and may even be gone for good!  

    I hope this guide was useful and helped you learn a little more about why theCut Cravings Bundle is so powerful and why it’s my number one choice for a healthy, sustainable way to get your metabolism right back on track. Cheers to your health and I look forward to hearing your amazing results in ourFacebook Group!

    We’re always on your side!

    To your health,

    Dr. Cassidy Miller

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