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  • March 17, 2020 3 min read

    The decrease in our metabolism as we age is completely natural. Our bodies are meant to slow down as we get older because, biologically speaking, our bodies will no longer be in the active mode of building bone or preparing for things like a potential pregnancy. However, there are ways you can combat slowing metabolism in just 5 easy steps.

    1. Use Your Brain

    Did you know brain function consumes up to 20 percent of your resting metabolic rate? Keep your metabolism going by feeding your brain superfood nutrients and keeping your brain active. Drink a green juice daily and take a class, read a non-fiction book, pick up a new skill - all these activities will engage your brain and keep your mind and metabolism in tip-top shape!

    2. Activate Your Heart 

    Your heart never quits. It beats 24 hours a day and consumes 15-20% of your metabolism. Whether we're taking the stairs or sweating it out in a pilates class, we're burning calories, building muscle, and keeping a healthy heart. In fact, getting your heart rate up from exercise can cause your body to burn more calories for up to 72 hours later. Consume a high-qualityplant-based protein immediately after each workout to keep your metabolism sharp.

    3. Boost Your Liver

    Your liver is another crucial organ that works 24-7, using up to 20% of your metabolism. Your liver is hard at work producing enzymes to digest your food and detox your body every single day. Its optimal fuel comes from nutrients found in superfood plant proteins, leafy green vegetables, and brightly colored produce. It’s crucial to keep your liver fueled withplants to keep your metabolism burning at its best.   

    4. Support Your Hormones

    Did you know that our bodies also have to detox us from hormones? Hormone production and clearance begins to slow down with age. Solution? Resetting our diet now and getting at least 10 different types of organic superfood vegetables a day. Getting that many vegetables may sound daunting, but it provides stimulation for the hormone production we need and the detox for the hormones that no longer serve us. 

    5. Minimize Stress  

    Cortisol is the hormone that your body releases in times of stress and is directly associated with both weight gain and belly fat. A simple way to reduce stress is to consume adaptogenic superfoods to balance your stress response, while engaging in the active practice of gratitude. Adaptogen superfoods are one of the best tools we have for restoring communication between the body and the brain, reducing stress and activating your metabolism. 

    We believe that you should feel good and look good at any age. We shouldn’t have to accept a slowing metabolism and weight gain as inevitable.

    That’s why Smart Pressed Juice was created. We harnessed all the latest scientific research in superfood plant nutrition and created a system that works to support our metabolism no matter what our age is. 

    Our award-winningsuperfoods are specifically designed to get you back on track- for good. We designed the perfect system to keep you completely nourished with everything you need- from plants!

    For more health tips to keep you on track daily, please join our private Facebook group where our very own nutritionist, health coaches and fitness trainers are here to cheer you on!


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