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  • August 20, 2020 3 min read

    Just purchased a cleanse, juice or bundle from Smart Pressed Juice? You've come  to the right place. Find out all the essential info you need on how to incorporate our juices and cleanses into your daily routine!

    Clean Meals

    Clean eating is a goal for many of us, but it's especially important to consider if you are doing a juice cleanse, which is why we've created clean meal recipes.


    How do I use Smart Pressed Juice?

    Incorporating Smart Pressed Juice cleanses into your daily routine is simple: just mix them in with water, nut milk, juice, or add them into your favorite smoothies.


    Can I make Smart Pressed Juice cleanses in advance or take them to work?

    Great question, sure you can! Just make sure that you keep your smoothies refrigerated if you are saving them for later, and keep your juices in a shaker bottle to give it a quick mix and refresh! 

    The only smoothie that we recommend you make at the time of consumption is our Vegan Vanilla Proteini, as proteins tend to thicken in liquid.


    What order should I drink the cleanses in?

    Since each person's body has a different biology, we have found these suggested times to be optimal for supporting your body's natural circadian rhythm. Here is our recommended daily schedule if you are following the juice cleanse:


    Half-coconut, 2 sticks of vanilla, and 3 star anis behind a single serving of Vegan Vanilla Proteini for 8 am, slices of beet root, ginger, lemon, and carrots behind a single serving of Revive Beet+Roots for 10 am, and an animated image of plate with spoon and fork for 12 pm.

    The Ultimate Juice Schedule -The Everything Bundle

    Step 1: Cut your Cravings with our Vegan Vanilla Proteini | 8:00 AM

    Our Vegan Vanilla Proteini is nature's perfect dose of protein from 10 different organic superfoods. Vegan Vanilla Proteini is perfect for keeping you full, while cutting your cravings with only 100 calories and 3 grams of net carbs! Even better, our Proteini contains no fillers, dairy, gluten, soy, or artificial sweeteners.

    Vegan Vanilla Proteini is perfect for mornings when you don't have the time to sit down for breakfast, or anytime that you're looking for a quick and easy meal replacement!

    Set yourself up for a perfect day by whipping up one of these smoothie recipes made for our Vegan Vanilla Proteini.

    A glass of light brown smoothie beside a half-coconut with a stick of vanilla and light brown sugar all in a wooden coaster behind a jar of Vegan Vanilla Proteini.


    Step 2: Energize with our Revive Beets + Roots | 10:00 AM

    Our Revive Beets + Roots will naturally boost your body's energy level and performance with no jitters or crash, from our freshly pressed blend of beet juice and beets, turmeric, ginger, and superfood roots. Beets is the perfect solution for a revitalizing boost of energy in the morning!

    Boost your energy with one of these Revive Beets + Roots smoothie recipes.

    A top view shot of a jar of Revive Beet+Roots surrounded by beet root on a pink surface.

    Step 3: Detox with our Organic Pressed Greens | 2:00 PM

    Our Organic Pressed Greens is the crowd favorite for people who don't fit enough vegetables into their diet! Energize, detox, and destress with over 20 superfoods specifically formulated for optimal health. Support your body with all of the vegetables you need for the day in just one go!

    Try one of these smoothie recipes designed for our Organic Pressed Greens.


    2 slices of oranges at the upper right corner, a glass of green smoothie in the middle, and an open book with 2 single serving Organic Pressed Greens on top.


    Step 4: Dump the junk with our Pineapple Chia Cleanse | 5:00 PM

    Our Pineapple Chia Cleanse supports a healthy gut and contains our unique blend of 15 superfoods to combat bloating, keep cravings under control, and gently eliminate waste in your body from unhealthy binging! Secret tip: drink this right before a night out and be amazed at your willpower.

    Restore your gut by trying out one of these smoothie recipes created for our Pineapple Chia Cleanse.

    A white plate with some green grapes, half an avocado, and some slices of orange beside a glass of light brown smoothie with a slice of lemon beside a palm tree leaf with a single serving Pineapple Chia Cleanse on top. Set beside a swimming pool.

    Step 5 (Optional): Boost your immunity with our Immunity Wellness | 8:00 PM

    Our Immunity Wellness contains a delicious blend of organic turmeric, ginger, lemons, echinacea, and apple cider vinegar to round out the most perfect immunity shot. You'll rest easy tonight with Immunity Wellness designed to stimulate the best of your body's immune system!

    Relax and unwind with one of these delicious recipes for Immunity Wellness

    A glass of yellow smoothie- on the left side is 2 slices of lime, and on the other side is a jar of Immunity Wellness. Set on a white table top against a brick wall.

    Still Have Questions?

    If you still have questions or want to join our amazing Smart Pressed community, join our Facebook group. You can also watch Annie, our founder and certified nutritionist, answer some of our most frequently asked questions:

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