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  • April 22, 2021 4 min read


    Hello! I’m Dr. Cassidy Miller, and this is my quick reference guide that will allow you to get the most out of yourMetabolism Bundle.

    The Metabolism Bundle Plan- Revive Beet+Root at 8 am, image of a plate with spoon, and knife for 12 pm, Organic Pressed Juice for 2 pm, imgae of a plate with spoon and knife for 6 pm.


    Congratulations! I’m Dr. Cassidy Miller, and I am a naturopathic physician that is here to support your health goals. 

    By reading this guide it means that you are taking the time to invest in your health and that is definitely something that should be celebrated! 

    I want to walk you through exactly why I recommend theMetabolism Bundle by SMART Pressed Juice. 

    This amazing superfood product has exactly what I would recommend to help combat many common issues we see in our clinic- a slowing metabolism, fatigue, hormones and weight loss concerns. 


    Who Is This Product For? 

    Feeling like you have a few extra pounds weighing you down both physically and mentally? Your metabolism may need a jump start! This bundle is ideal for someone looking to improve their mental focus, increase energy and promote weight loss because it targets the powerhouse of the body – aka the metabolism. Feeling recharged is well within your grasp, especially with the help of this bundle. 

    If you don’t have this bundle in your life yet, I recommend you stocking up, then grabbing a glass to sit down with me while I walk you through it, step by step! 


    Spark Your Metabolism

    Why should you take it? 

    Your metabolism is very important for creating energy to promote cellular function. When the body is provided with the necessary nutrients it needs, your metabolism is able to work exactly as it is designed - that means weight loss (or maintaining an ideal weight), increased energy and increased focus. Thecold pressed greens contain a combination of antioxidant rich superfoods that ensures that your metabolism has the fuel required to work at its peak performance. Thebeets and roots powder combines immune stimulating, energy boosting and cardiovascular protecting ingredients to give your body everything it needs to keep you operating at your best, both mentally and physically. 


    When should you take it? 

    Feeling that morning fog? Starting your day with theRevive Beets and Roots powder is a great way to boost your energy and provide mental clarity naturally with energizing and stress managing herbs and foods. This will also kick your metabolism into drive so that your body is able to work more effectively and give you the results you have been craving. 

    Step 1: Energize with Beets | 8 AMRevive Beets + Roots

    Feel the boost of energy from our freshly pressed organic beets, turmeric, ginger and superfood roots. Naturally boosts your body’s metabolism, energy, focus and performance with no jitters or crash.

    Then, in mid-afternoon, give your body the nutrients it is craving with the organic pressed greens. This refreshing blend will provide detoxifying, stress managing and digestion promoting greens to support your metabolism’s function. 


    Step 2: Replenish with Greens | 2:00 PMOrganic Pressed Greens

    Every cell in our body thrives when you introduce it to the metabolism-enriching power of greens. Energize, detox and destress with over 20 superfoods specifically formulated for optimal metabolism.


    How do you make it? 


    Cherry Blueberry Metabolism Smoothie


    Here are some of my favorite smoothies:


    What’s in it? 

    Organic Pressed Greens- Greens and superfoods all combined to target the goal of increasing energy, promoting detoxification and soothing digestion. Your metabolism works hard and requires a lot of nutrients to provide power to all of your cells. Luckily, this powder packs nutrient and antioxidant dense superfoods like kale, broccoli, spinach, beets, wheatgrass and celery along with superfood adaptogens like ashwagandha and rhodiola that help your body to manage stress.  Getting enough greens is often the most difficult part of any health routine, but is also one of the most important! This green powder offers a much more convenient and delicious way to get in the nutrient density required for optimal health.  

    Revive Beets and Roots- This blend has warming spices like ginger and turmeric that are not only great for the immune system, but also have metabolism boosting effects. In addition, green coffee bean and rhodiola are beneficial at boosting energy and giving you a feeling of mental clarity. Beets produce nitric oxide in the body, which is extremely beneficial for cardiovascular health, exercise performance and endurance.  

    I hope this guide was useful and helped you learn a little more about why theMetabolism Bundle  is so powerful and why it’s my number one choice for a healthy, sustainable way to get your metabolism right back on track. Cheers to your health and I look forward to hearing your amazing results in ourFacebook Group!

    We’re always on your side!

    To your health,

    Dr. Cassidy Miller

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