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  • March 08, 2021 5 min read

    Hello! I’m Dr. Cassidy Miller, and this is my quick reference guide that will allow you to get the most out of yourEVERYTHING Bundle 


    The Everthing Bundle Game Plan- Vegan Vanilla Proteini for 8 am, Organic Pressed Greens for 10 am, lunch with image of plate with spoon and knife for 12 pm, Revive Beet+Roots for 2 pm, Pineapple Chia Cleanse for 5 pm, and dinner with an image of plate, spoon and knife for 6 pm.



    For anyone who wants to get on track and STAY ON TRACK, this is thebundle for you! It’s packed with over 60 of the most powerful superfoods on earth that keep your metabolism blazing, your digestive system moving, and your weight goals dropping. So many customers complete our juice cleanse, get addicted to their results and want to keep going. Others want to go all in and keep going for a full 20 day cleanse. 


    This product bundle is ideal for someone looking for a complete reset to achieve weight loss goals, manage cravings, boost their metabolism or just to make a lasting change toward a healthier lifestyle. 


    I would highly recommend this system for those who are struggling with metabolic disorders such as hypertension, Type II diabetes, overweight/obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, etc. The reason is, this combination packs vital nutrients into one complete system and gives your body the tools and ideal environment it needs to begin healing. And better yet- it’s completely natural, effective and comes completely from certified organic plants. Just the way nature intended!


    If you don’t already have it, you can order yourEVERYTHING Bundle here


    Why should you take it? 


    I can pretty much guarantee that none of us are getting the right amounts of plants in our diets, sothis system is the road map to our health goals. It checks all the boxes of all the plants I want you to get every single day for your best health.


    Adding these superfood powders into a clean eating and exercise regimen is the perfect system to keep yourself on track for good. When you are fully nourishing your body with the wonderfully diverse nutrients from plant superfoods, your cravings magically diminish, excess weight falls off and your energy and metabolism goes through the roof! 


    You can easily assimilate the organic plant-based sources of protein fromVegan Vanilla Proteini, stimulating your metabolism all day and keep that lean muscle mass (i.e. calorie-torching mass) growing and fat cells burning.


    If you are as busy as we think you are, we know you don’t have much time to get enough vegetables into your diet. The super tastyOrganic Pressed Greens is packed with some of the most powerful superfoods that help you detoxify daily and nourish all your cells. TheRevive Beets + Roots boosts your metabolism while incorporating immune boosting and inflammation reducing foods. ThePineapple Chia Cleanse is your insurance policy to keep you full, bind unwanted constituents in the body like excess fat, sugar, toxins and cleanses your gut daily. It also provides a great environment for the good bacteria in your gut to flourish. 


    Everything Bundle video


    When should you take it? 


    This is the perfect program to keep you on track for good with everything you need from plants. This is the most convenient way to get a proven system of superfoods you need to look, feel and perform at your best. 

    Step 1: Cut Your Cravings | 8 AMVegan Vanilla Proteini

    Nourish your body and feel satisfied all day with clean, organic plant-based protein from 10 superfoods like peas, hemp, maca, sacha inchi and sprouts.

    Step 2: Nourish with Greens | 10:00 AMOrganic Pressed Greens

    Every cell in our body thrives when you introduce it to the metabolism-enriching power of greens. Energize, detox and destress with over 20 superfoods specifically formulated for optimal metabolism.

    Step 3: Energize with Beets | 2 PMRevive Beets + Roots

    Feel the boost of energy from our freshly pressed organic beets, turmeric, ginger and superfood roots. Naturally boosts your body’s metabolism, energy, focus and performance with no jitters or crash.

    Step 4: Clean out the Junk | 5 PMPineapple Chia Cleanse

    Feel so fresh and so clean with activated fiber from sprouts, chia, pineapple enzymes and probiotics. They act like little push brooms through your entire digestive tract and colon to get all that goop and gunk OUT of your system. It’s your daily mini-cleanse to ensure you feel light, clean and happy every day.


    Starting the day with theVegan Vanilla Proteini helps to get you the necessary protein and nutrients needed to power you through your morning. Then, for a mid-morning snack you can get over 20 superfoods in one shot by drinking theOrganic Pressed Greens. Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee in the afternoon, give your body some of the energy sustaining nutrients it needs with theRevive Beets + Roots. Finally, finish your day with thePineapple Chia Cleanse to help curb your appetite and avoid the late-night snacking. It will also help to clean up your gut and give you a strong refreshed feeling the next morning.


    Another idea is to incorporate this into an intermittent fasting routine. Breaking the fast by mixing the protein powder, greens and beets + roots intoone hearty meal replacement shake could be just the supercharge your body needs to start the day. 


    How do you make it? 

    You can access our delicious library of recipes created by our nutritionist, chef and amazing juicing community! 


    Click here for Vegan Vanilla Proteini:


    Click here for Organic Pressed Greens:


    Click here for Revive Beets + Roots:


    Click here for Pineapple Chia Cleanse:


    Or if you are feeling adventurous, try mixing some of them together!


    Everything Smoothie


    What’s in it? 

    Vegan Vanilla Proteini – an organic, plant based, easy-to-digest protein is the perfect complement to any health regimen. This combination blends 10 different types of plant based protein and supports it with a superfood blend to make it a complete, nutrient dense, source of protein. 

    Organic Pressed Greens- Greens and superfoods all combined to target the goal of increasing energy, promoting detoxification and soothing digestion. Getting enough greens is often the most difficult part of any health routine, but is also one of the most important! This green powder offers a much more convenient and delicious way to get in the nutrient density required for optimal health. 


    Revive Beets and Roots- A great combination of roots like turmeric, ginger and rhodiola that are beneficial in supporting the immune system, decreasing inflammation and combating stress. Also, beet root is amazing in supporting the cardiovascular system and, along with the green coffee bean extract, gives a natural energy boost without feeling jittery.  


    Pineapple Chia Cleanse- A combination of soluble and insoluble fiber to soothe the GI tract, suppress hunger, regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation. The bromelain extract from pineapple is also very beneficial at promoting digestion and decreasing inflammation. 


    I hope you found this guide helpful! This bundle is reallyEVERYTHING you need to accomplish your health goals and to stay on track for good. Wishing you the best in your health journey!


    To your health,

    Dr. Cassidy Miller, ND


    Everything You Need Bundle


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