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  • April 01, 2021 7 min read

    Let me show you how to stay on track for life!

    Hello! I’m Dr. Cassidy Miller, and this is my quick reference guide that will allow you to get the most out of yourLIFE Bundle


    The schedule of the Life bundle plan- 8am is Vegan Vanilla Proteini, 10 am is Organic Pressed greens, 12 noon lunch with a plate and spoon and fork image, 2 pm Revive Beet+root, 5 pm is Pineapple Chia Cleanse, 6 pm is dinner with plate, spoon, and fork image, and lastly is 8 pm Immunity Wellness



    TheLIFE Bundle is THE most comprehensive bundle that Smart Pressed Juice has to offer! It’s designed to help your body be in tip top shape for anything life throws your way. 


    Give your body an unfair advantage for boosting metabolism. For anyone who is serious about getting on track for LIFE, this is thebundle for you! It’s packed with over 60 of the most powerful superfoods on earth that keep your metabolism blazing, your digestive system moving, your immunity system going and your weight goals burning.


    This product bundle is ideal for someone looking for a complete solution to maintain a clean lifestyle for the long-haul. This bundle can be used as a complete system to achieve weight loss goals, manage cravings, boost their metabolism and immunity or just to make a lasting change toward a healthier lifestyle. 


    The Life Bundle is great for anyone looking for a total health makeover, to build up the body’s natural immunity, and when stress and rich foods compromise the body’s healing and detoxification abilities.


    This system is great for people who have  metabolic disorders such as hypertension, Type II diabetes, overweight/obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and any immune concerns. This combination packs vital nutrients into one complete system and gives your body the tools and ideal environment it needs to begin healing. And better yet- it’s completely natural, effective and comes completely from certified organic plants. Just the way nature intended!


    If you don’t already have it, you can order your LIFE BUNDLE here.



    Why should you take it? 

    To operate at our highest level and take control of life, it’s important to focus on the foundational aspects of health- sleep, water intake, exercise and, of course, nutrition. 


    The Life Bundle packs powerful nutrients, superfoods, proteins, fiber, herbs and more into convenient powders so that you have plenty of fuel for your body to heal, recover or supercharge for your next big thing. It has everything you need to get the MOST OUT OF LIFE!


    TheOrganic Cold Pressed Greens gives your body a potent dose of green superfoods that can be difficult to obtain from diet alone. Green foods offer high doses of phytonutrients which are the nutrients produced by plants that boost the immune system and protect your cells from damage. In fact, chlorophyll, the green in our veggies, is the most powerful phytonutrient/antioxidant of all! Helping to prevent cellular damage is the key to preventing chronic disease and aging. 


    TheVegan Vanilla Proteini incorporates a very clean plant-based protein, great to add in as a meal replacement before starting your day or whenever you need a boost of energy through protein. I also enjoy it as a recovery after your exercise routine to keep torching fat and to maintain lean muscle mass- the key to anti-aging!  Most people also don’t know this, but clean, plant proteins also activate your liver, which is so important to kickstart detoxification- so don’t miss this step! 


    TheRevive Beets + Roots juice just looks beautiful. It’s ruby red, indicating that it’s PACKED with antioxidants and phytonutrients that will keep you looking beautiful inside and out. This juice sparks your metabolism and incorporates immune boosting and inflammation reducing foods while also giving your body an energy boost. It has wonderful superfoods such as turmeric, ginger and rhodiola for helping your body handle stress. 


    ThePineapple Chia Cleanse helps provide one of the most important ingredients missing in almost ALL our diets! It provides activated soluble and insoluble fiber which helps your body remove unwanted toxins, lower LDL cholesterol, decrease appetite and help regulate blood sugar to improve weight loss. 


    Finally, theImmunity Wellness not only tastes AMAZING, it packs a powerful which with many anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating herbs to help boost your immune system and combat the stress that can contribute to making people more susceptible to illness.    


    When should you take it? 

    This is a suggested schedule, but you can certainly adapt it to your lifestyle, since this is YOUR BUNDLE FOR LIFE! You can mix all the juices together into one seriously delicious smoothie, else space it out throughout the day, like a little ritual of self-care. 


    Step 1: Cut Your Cravings | 8 AMVegan Vanilla Proteini

    Starting the day with theVegan Vanilla Proteini helps to get you the necessary protein and nutrients needed to power you through your morning. 

    Nourish your body and feel satisfied all day with clean, organic plant-based protein from 10 superfoods like peas, hemp, maca, sacha inchi and sprouts.


    Step 2: Nourish with Greens | 10:00 AMOrganic Pressed Greens

    Then, for a mid-morning snack you can get over 20 superfoods in one shot by drinkingOrganic Pressed Greens.This is for all our people who don’t get enough vegetables. This juice is packed with organic kale, spinach, wheatgrass, ashwagandha, aloe and more. These mighty superfoods were specifically formulated for daily detox, optimal inflammatory response and immune health.


    Step 3: Energize with Roots | 2 PMRevive Beets + Roots + OptionalImmunity Wellness

    Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee in the afternoon, give your body some of the energy- sustaining nutrients it needs with theRevive Beets + Roots.Special tip- addImmunity Wellness to the Beets for the ultimate energy and immune-boosting combo!


    Step 4: Undo the Junk | 5 PMPineapple Chia Cleanse

    Before dinner, take a scoop of thePineapple Chia Cleanse to help curb your appetite and avoid the late-night snacking. It will also help to clean up your gut and give you a strong refreshed feeling the next morning. 


    Step 5: Boost your Immunity | 8 PMImmunity Wellness

    Finally, your body naturally does a lot of its repair at night. Therefore, adding in theImmunity Wellness powder a few hours before bed can help give your body the extra nutrients it needs to support the immune system and decrease inflammation that may have occurred the day before.

    Taking all of these products throughout the day is a great way to check in with yourself and make conscious efforts toward your health goals all throughout the day. This Life Bundle has everything you need to feel unstoppable! 


    How do you make it? 

    There are endless ways to make your juices in the LIFE Bundle. Sometimes I enjoy them in just water or nut milk, other times I enjoy them all at once in a delicious smoothie. Here are some delicious options- if you would like more recipes, head on over to the website and click on recipes for our community-curated smoothies- all tested and created by juicers like YOU!


    What’s in it? 

    This bundle is every nutritionist’s dream. If you asked any nutritionist what they would dream about including in their patients’ diets, you are looking at it! This spectacularLIFE BUNDLE contains every single product from Smart Pressed Juice’s triple award-winning product line.


    Vegan Vanilla Proteini – an organic, plant based, easy-to-digest protein is the perfect complement to any health regimen. This combination blends 4 different types of plant-based protein and supports it with a superfood blend to make it a complete, nutrient dense, source of protein.  


    Organic Pressed Greens- Greens and superfoods all combined to target the goal of increasing energy, promoting detoxification and soothing digestion. Getting enough greens is often the most difficult part of any health routine, but is also one of the most important! The phytonutrients in this powder help promote cellular repair to combat aging and chronic disease. Not many people have chlorella and wheatgrass lying around the kitchen to add into their daily diet, so having this powder that provides the robust benefits of so many nutrients is a must-have in any great health routine. 


    Revive Beets and Roots- A great combination of roots like turmeric, ginger and rhodiola that are beneficial in supporting the immune system, decreasing inflammation and combating stress. Also, beet root is amazing in supporting the cardiovascular system and, along with the green coffee bean extract, gives a natural energy boost without feeling jittery.  


    Pineapple Chia Cleanse- A combination of soluble and insoluble fiber to soothe the GI tract, suppress hunger, regulate blood sugar and reduce inflammation. The chia and flax seed blend have also been shown to help modulate hormones which can be beneficial at regulating menstrual cycles and decreasing PMS symptoms like bloating and mood swings. The bromelain extract from pineapple is also very beneficial at promoting digestion and decreasing inflammation.


    Immunity Wellness- Turmeric and ginger are historically used foods to combat inflammation, provide a warming effect in the body and provide pain relief. Echinacea is an incredible immune modulator and powerful herb that can help to prevent and combat illness. Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are also immune boosters that have a double action of improving digestion. This powder is great for giving your body that extra help it needs, especially during the cold and flu season or during a high stress time to ward off any bugs. 


    I hope you enjoyed myDoctor’s Guide to the Life Bundle and learned a little more about how important it is to get all these ingredients into your diet, every single day. This bundle really sets you up for LIFE- a life that is thriving, glowing and full of vitality. Here’s to your health!


    By Dr. Cassidy Miller, ND


    Statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for direct, individual medical treatment or advice. It is the responsibility of you and your healthcare providers to make all decisions regarding your health. We recommend that you consult with your healthcare providers regarding the diagnosis and treatment of any disease or condition. Products sold on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.