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  • January 12, 2023 5 min read

    Juice cleanses will make you starve, but you’ll lose weight so it’s okay.


    That’s a HUGE statement. Don’t worry, that statement is a myth and definitely not a statement we agree with. Starving your body is NEVER okay!

    Let’s back up a bit- there are hundreds of different juice cleanses on the market, some of which are truly there to help your body get rid of toxins while others are simply fruit flavored juices falsely advertised as “healthy” juices.

    To help you on your juice cleansing journey we will debunk all of your favorite juice cleanse myths. Whether you believe them or not, truth is- there are a TON of rumors about juice cleanses, so we’re going to break it down and explain how these popular myths are simply myths and not true!

    Myth #1: You’re going to feel SO hungry while on a juice cleanse.


    Okay, so this statement is the reason why juice cleanses have a bad rep. Here’s the thing though, you don’t have to starve when you go on a cleanse. The reason why many people claim to be starving while on a cleanse is because of the caloric deficit. Juices are a lot less filling than food, because- well it’s just juice. We don’t want any of our juicers to starve so that’s why we provide healthy recipes that you can mix your juices in to help you get through your cleanse without collapsing from a caloric deficit- we get it. Another reason why people tend to be hungry while cleansing is because most juice cleanses fail to provide a protein shake. What does protein have to do with anything? Protein provides sustainable energy and helps keep you fuller longer, so yeah- it’s pretty important.

    Myth #2: You will lose muscle while on a juice cleanse.


    Majority of the time, yes you will probably lose muscle while cleansing BUT it’s because the juice cleanse you’re on doesn’t contain a protein drink (yup, protein is essential when cleansing). You see, regular juices only contain sugar and carbs- how filling do you think that is? You’ll probably just end up having a sugar crash along with a headache because the juice fails to provide the proper nutrients and instead you get stuffed with sugar because the company just wants their juice to taste good instead. This is exactly why we’ve purposely added protein into our juice cleanses because we know how important protein is for you! Not only is protein good to help feed your muscles and maintain them, but it’s also a very important step when it comes to cleansing your body. Protein helps activate your liver which then prepares your body for cleansing. Without liver activation your body won't get rid of all the toxins as it should.

    Myth #3: You can’t eat food while cleansing.


    This is the top myth that really pushes our buttons. Why? Well food is essential, just like water is for the body. It’s not about eliminating food from your day in order to cleanse, it’s about eating the proper foods to help your body detox in a natural way with assistance from whole food plant-based juices. When you pair a whole food plant-based diet along with natural superfood juices, your body will cleanse and your skin will start glowing. How? Plants are filled with many vitamins, minerals and nutrients- phytonutrients to be exact. We truly believe that plants can heal your body, which is why we recommend eating plant-based meals while cleansing. Fiber is essential to cleansing (which we’ll explore more of in the myth below). Fiber can be found in plant foods like chia seeds, flax seeds, and lots of dark leafy greens. So if you’re missing out on fiber while cleansing, are you really even cleansing?

    Myth #4: Going on a juice cleanse will help regulate your bowel movements.


    In order for your bowel movements to be healthy and regular, your diet should consist of fiber-rich foods. However, believe it or not there are hundreds of juice cleanses on the market that fail to contain FIBER. How is that possible? Well, when you juice fruits and veggies the fiber is extracted from the process, leaving you with a fiber-less juice. But, if you add plant fibers like chia seeds or flax seeds into your juice then you are getting fiber which will then assist your body’s GI tract to help push out all the gunk that needs to get out to truly eliminate the toxins from your body. Think about it, have you ever done a juice cleanse and failed to use the restroom? It’s because the juice you were drinking probably contained little to no fiber at all (shocking isn’t it?). So in the end were you even detoxing? Most likely not. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. Don’t worry, that’s why SMART Pressed Juice’s cleanse comes with Pineapple Chia Cleanse, it’s the perfect balance of plant fibers (it’ll help eliminate waste regularly) and it even helps curb cravings, so it’s a win-win!

    Myth #5: You will lose so much weight if you do a juice cleanse.


    Okay okay, so we don’t mean to be harsh but the truth is you will lose weight when cleansing, just not an extreme amount. Why? Well, in order to lose a substantial amount of weight, you must eat clean and exercise on a regular basis. Remember, consistency is ALWAYS key. You see, the purpose of a juice cleanse is to help eliminate toxins from the body. Think about it this way, it’s like spring cleaning your gut. The weight loss that comes from doing a juice cleanse is the cherry on top, but the purpose of a cleanse is to help eliminate toxins from your body. Some people use it as a means to maintain a healthy gut, others use it to help get them back on track, and some use it to help them lose weight. Whatever your reason is, just know that after you complete a cleanse there are ways to help keep your results. Cleansing everyday in order to lose weight long term is not sustainable, but keeping up with a maintenance plan after a cleanse is the perfect way to help you stay on track long-term.

    So yes, all of these statements are false, but ONLY if you cleanse from a company that knows the proper and healthy way to detox a body. As always, we ask that you please consult with your physician before doing any juice cleanse because every-body is different.

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