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  • April 25, 2022 3 min read

    Do you spring clean your house everysingle year?


    Whydo you Spring clean your house?

    Things pile up, dust builds up - and sometimes it’s just a hot mess that needs taming, right?

    So what would happen if you don’t do a yearly deep cleaning?

    Piles and piles of random stuff builds up, along with dust.Sound familiar?

    Dust develops over time, from little to no maintenance. With that in mind -

    What do you think happens to our bodies if we don’t do a deep cleaning every once in a while?




    Think of your body like your home, but instead of dust that builds up in a home, toxins build up in our bodies.


    When was the last time you did a deep cleaning foryourgut?

    Usually, the answer is - never or it’s been areally long time.

    Here’s the thing, our bodies are meant to eliminate toxinsdaily, BUT what our bodiesdon’taccount for is all the new toxins in our food - from chemicals like pesticides, GMO foods, fried foods - basically anything that isn’t natural becomes a toxin in our bodies. We eliminate these toxins by having regular bowel movements. However, because of the foods we eat nowadays, it’s getting harder for our bodies to eliminate all the toxins on its own.

    So how can we take control and is it possible to get rid of all these extra toxins?

    The answer is, YES!

    This is where acleanse comes in.

    “But I thought cleanses were only meant to help you lose weight?”


    Cleanses are actually meant to help clean out your digestive tract to help bring it back to balance. Remember the “spring cleaning your house” scenario? Don’t you deep clean your house every few months to bring your house back to maintenance mode?


    The thing is, whether you’re a clean eater or junk food lover or a little bit of both - a cleanse is always good to help maintain balance in your gut. Just like your house!

    So what type of cleanse are we talking about?

    A juice cleanse!

    But not just any juice cleanse, we’re talking about our signatureSmart Pressed Juice cleanses.

    What makes our cleanse different from all the other cleanses on the market?

    That’s easy! Our juices are all 100% organic, they contain fiber along with a variety of superfood fruits and veggies to give you optimum nutrition while cleansing with almost no sugar at all! Plus, all you have to do is add water to your juice powder and you get a refreshing and nutritious juice in just 30 seconds!

    Here’s how it works:

    Step 1:Pull Out The Junk.

    We prepare your body for cleansing by activating your liver with our Vegan Vanilla Proteini.

    Step 2:Bag It Up.

    In order to protect your body from the toxins floating around, we capture them with ourOrganic Pressed Greens. #Alkalize

    Step 3:Throw It Out.

    We eliminate the toxins by having our Pineapple Chia juice cleanse your body. It rids the body of all the toxins by regulating your bowel movements.

    It's really that simple!

    Just drink your juice, and feel lighter, cleaner and happier in just a few days!

    Here’s a list of a few benefits that you’ll feel after cleansing with any of our Smart Pressed Juice cleanses:

    1.    Weight Loss
    2.    Glowing Skin
    3.    Increased Energy
    4.    Metabolism Boost
    5.    Immunity Boost
    6.    Smoother Digestion

    Interested in purchasing one of our Juice Cleanses?

    For our 1 day Quick Fix,click here.

    For our 3 day Smart Restart,click here.

    For our 7 day Complete Reboot,click here.

    If you’d like to purchase a monthly cleanse of your choice, simply subscribe to our subscription program and receive 15% OFF your cleanse every month! Because who doesn’t want to keep their gut healthy and clean :)

    For more SMART lifestyle tips like this, visit and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or like us on Facebook. You can also visit our Amazon store to stock up on our delicious juices.