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  • January 29, 2021 2 min read

    Relish the deep caramel and vanilla notes of bourbon in this seriously delectable smoothie! This smoothie invokes a quiet evening with the fireplace blazing, a comfy blanket and a good book. 

    The result is a little sweet, very tasty and dangerously drinkable.

    This Pineapple Chia smoothie uses vanilla bourbon extract to highlight the toasty, rich flavors of oak, spices and heaven on earth.

    Best of all, you can still kick your cravings, bloating and toxins to the curb- fiber has never tasted more delicious! 

    This Smoothie is a Real Customer Creation by the amazing Tisha Ladi!

    Vanilla Bourbon Pineapple Chia Smoothie


    1 scoop Pineapple Chia Cleanse

    1/2 cup nut milk of choice

    1 banana, ripe or frozen

    Sprinkle of cinnamon 

    Generous splash of vanilla bourbon extract* 

    Ice cubes, if desired 

    Smoothie Directions:

    Add all of the ingredients to a blender, blend and enjoy! Top with a fresh dusting of cinnamon. 

    *If you don't have vanilla bourbon extract, try making your own! Infuse one vanilla bean (split down the middle) into a small mason jar of bourbon. Shake, shake shake and it's ready to use after 4 weeks! Trust us, it's worth it! 

    **Feel free to use regular vanilla extract if not available. 


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