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Just ok taste

The Smart Restart™ - 3 Day Juice Cleanse

I love it.

This has become a part of my rountine, all organic great ingredients.

Can’t live without it !!

I have been using the Pineapple Chia Cleanse every morning for about 7 months. It has been a game changer in my gut health, overall energy and weight management! A+++++ all the way !!!! Love this company !

Life Bundle
Uni B.
Love it!

Great taste! Definitely helps to "clean out" the junk! Highly recommend and I will be purchasing more!

Tastes great

Started to see results in about 2 weeks. You do feel more bloated at first which is alarming but it's because of all the extra fiber. It does go away thiugh!

Surprisingly it taste great

This taste great. I added it to my blended fruit juice.

Vanilla Proteini

I would give this 5 stars because it’s taste great and I love the ingredients however, it barely lasts me 2 weeks with 2 shakes a day!

Pineapple Chia Cleanse

The perfect cleanse

I loved the cleanse. It was just perfect and exactly what I needed. I didn't use it as a 7 day cleanse though. I decided to use it as a 3 day cleanse and save the rest for another time. I felt so much lighter afterward and am now continuing with your clean eating challenge. The Vanilla Proteini is so delicious and creamy, and the Beet Revive was so refreshing! I want to use both regularly along with the Pina Cleanse! Thank you for your wonderful products.

Please try these if you have not

Look, we are busy, I get it. These supplements can be utilized several different ways. You don't need to have blender - but if you do, you just expanded your options. When I was in a pickle, I used coconut water as a base and just used a shaker bottle. The powder is so fine that it will blend well. * With the exception that I use almond milk for the proteini. When I do have a blender, I make two of each at a time, I can either save them for the next day or usually my husband does this with me. He likes the shakes as well. Give it a try. This company really has care and concern in their work and product. I have been ordering these for a while now and I have noticed a difference in how I feel and look. It's not magic, but it is science. Also try one of the events - like the 14 day challenge, or clean eating for a week. There are several recipes in addition to the recipes for the drinks. Excellent resource!

Gift Card
I love gift cards!

Gift cards are the best gift.

Great tasting and satisfying

Best protein shake and so satisfying and filling.

Amazing taste

Your products taste amazing.i was impressed with no chalky after taste. If I could afford a bundle I would get it.

Really good

I enjoy this product . I started using it with just water . To be honest it looks different than it does in the advisement but I didn’t mind the taste or texture . I take it after dinner as a snack . I find it helps me avoid eating other things that may not be as healthy . I recently started to add a few blueberries , almond milk, and ice . Blend for a few seconds turns it into a a more tasty treat , but still less calories and tons of fiber . It does help me be more regular for sure and has really decreased bloating . I so like this product I ordered the green juice .

Delicious and effective

I have been drinking this every day around 6 p.m., it curbs my desire to snack in the evenings and seems to really cleanse my system out well.

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carrie o.

I love the pineapple chia cleanse!


The cleanse was so tasty! Already got a friend hooked on it and we're ordering full size versions.

Wow I didn’t expect this to be so good

I love it, it’s just delicious, helpful, healthy. Extremely happy

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Jessica H.
I'm perfectly happy and content

The Life Bundle has changed my life! So many great recipes on the website and I've created a few of my own. Delicious and filling.

Good for shakes

I love mixing this my shakes. Taste great and works good.

I love this stuff

Blends well and taste great, works well with any flavor

Already ordered my second bag!!

Delicious can drink every day! I would love a flavor that goes well with chocolate protein but this stuff is bomb will be doing a YouTube review!

Pineapple deliciousness

Nice product and tasty!

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