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a jar of purple power smoothie with lavender plastic straw and string on the neck of the jar with a bowl of berries on the side and a checkered table clothe

Purple Power Berry Smoothie

three glasses of pink mimosa cocktail on top of a marble table with a white folded table cloth on the side

Pink Mimosas

 two glasses of smoothie topped with two frozen berries and two slices of peaches garnished with mint leaves surrounded by slices of peaches, berries, and a spoon on a plate


a hand holding a glass of strawberry apple smoothie garnished with strawberry and apple, grapes and strawberries side by side

Beets Cravings Busting Smoothie

a glass of fruity beets smoothie with the whole strawberry on the side and a plastic brown straw and a smart pressed labeled jar of revive beets roots

Trina's Fruity Beets Smoothie

a glass of strawberry beets smoothie garnish with strawberry with a brown paper straw and smart beetroot labeled jar on the side and slices of strawberry on top of a white table

Moeriana's Strawberry Beets Smoothie

a glass of hibiscus beets refresher garnish with a slice of lime and a smart revive beetroots labeled jar and slices of lime on the side on top of a white table

Christine's Hibiscus Beets Refresher

a glass of berry beets smoothie topped with strawberries with a brown paper straw and a smart revive beetroots labeled jar and a golden scoop filled with blueberries on the side on top of a marble table

Rose's Berry Beets Smoothie

2 glasses of Donna Marie's Energy Proteini frozen berry smoothie garnished with coconut shreds. On the wooden surface are 2 bananas, blueberries, beet root, and a slice of dragonfruit.

Donna Marie's Energy Proteini

top view shot of 2 bowls of frozen berry smoothie topped with blueberries, sliced strawberries, sliced kiwi, sliced bananas, and granola flakes beside 2 bananas, blueberries, and strawberries.

Acai Beets Bowl

top view shot of a glass of  Cherry-Berry Beets Smoothie beside raspberries and sliced beet roots.

Founder Favorite: Cherry-Berry Beets Smoothie

top view shot of blueberry smoothie in a bowl topped with blueberries, blackberries and coconut shreds beside a lid container of blueberries, a golden spoon, 1 blueberry, 2 blackberries, and leaves on a black surface.

Acai Roots Smoothie

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