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a glass of strawberry beets smoothie garnish with strawberry with a brown paper straw and smart beetroot labeled jar on the side and slices of strawberry on top of a white table

Moeriana's Strawberry Beets Smoothie

a glass of berry beets smoothie topped with strawberries with a brown paper straw and a smart revive beetroots labeled jar and a golden scoop filled with blueberries on the side on top of a marble table

Rose's Berry Beets Smoothie

two smart labeled jar with a glass in the middle filled with cherry greens smoothie topped with two spinach and a black patterned plastic straw surrounded by coconut chips on top of a white table

Rose's Cherry Greens Smoothie

four pieces of red velvet beet cupcakes, one was placed on a wooden chopping board with no aluminum molder and a white coffee cup

Red Velvet Beet Cupcakes