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top view of two glasses of lemon juice with ice on top of white painted wooden table surrounded with one whole lemon and slices of lemon

Chia Medley Refresher

1 glass of CJ's Immunity Margarita beside 1 bottle of tequila beside a jar of Immunity Wellness beside a bottle of Margarita mix side by side. On top is an aloe vera plant and on the bottom is another plant.

CJ's Immunity Margarita

five glasses of different smoothie surrounded by apple, grapes, berries, carrots, cantaloupe, and two pickles

Makayla's Everything Smoothie

1 majon jar glass of Michelle's Tropical Immunity Smoothie garnished with green leaves beside 1 sliced ripe mango on both sides.

Michelle's Tropical Immunity Smoothie

top view shot of a glass of Citrus Immunity smoothie with a yellow straw beside orange slices on a black surface.

Citrus Immunity

top view shot of a glass of Berry Immunity smoothie topped with 3 blueberries with a straw on a wooden coaster beside a plate of blueberries.

Berry Immunity