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  • September 24, 2021 2 min read

    Cold pressed juices are the hottest thing. With a growing number of options at your grocery store or in your neighborhood juice bars, how do you know what juices are the best for you?

    To get the most health benefits out of your cold pressed juice, ask these five questions:

    1. What are the sugar and calorie content?


    Next time you find yourself at a juice bar, make sure to remember to look into what is really in your juices and what would benefit your health the most.

    Juicer, beware! There are far too many juice options that are delicious but contain as much sugar and calories as soda. When selecting your next juice, make sure the sugar content is less than 10 grams and under 100 calories per serving.

    2. What types of fruits and veggies are you actually getting?

    Many juices use low-cost produce as apple, cucumber and celery, which contain mostly water and are low in the phytonutrients and antioxidants that nourish our bodies. Eating a wide variety of produce and superfoods is far superior to a single vegetable source. Our Cold Pressed Greensjuice powder, which features over 22 different veggies and superfoods in one juice, is one of the best juice choices.

    3. Are there pesticides or “frankenfoods” used in the juice?

    Make sure your juices are always Certified Organic by the USDA and Non-GMO. Many juices claim “organic ingredients” but without the seal, there is no guarantee. Certified Organic means that your juice is organic and non-GMO from seed to plant to juice. Many widely-used non-organic fruits and veggies in conventional juices exceed the Department of Agriculture’spesticide data. Consumer Reports created a wonderful chart to determine which produce items were the highest risk of pesticide contamination. When in doubt, choose certified organic!

    4. Will the cold pressed juice make you feel full and satisfied?

    Some juicers shy away from juice cleanses because they are afraid of being hungry. Check juices for naturally occurring plant-based protein and fiber content to keep you nourished and full throughout the day. Drinking a blend of juiced produce and whole veggies in the juices allows you to feel fuller and more satisfied. Look for juice cleanse programs that include a juice that features at least 12 g of protein in a nut milk and at least 6 – 10 grams of plant fibers throughout the day.

    5. What processing techniques are used in making the juice?

    In order to keep their juices fresh extend shelf life, many companies turn to preservatives, pasteurization and high pressure processing. Each of these processing techniques can contribute unwanted additives or introduce processing techniques that alter the state of the plant nutrients or enzyme profile. Consider an innovative method of dehydrating juices under ambient or cold temperatures to maintain the nutrient profile and to remove the environment where pathogens can grow.

    Get the Most Health Benefits Out of Your Cold Pressed Juice

    Next time you find yourself at a juice bar, make sure to remember to look into what is really in your juices and what would benefit your health the most.