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  • November 29, 2022 3 min read

    If you're reading this article, you've probably flirted with the idea of subscribing to our Smart Pressed juices. If you haven't already, it means you likely have doubts and wonder if it's a good investment or not.

    That's why we've written a comprehensive guide on subscriptions - how they work, the benefits, how to subscribe, and more. Read the full guide below!

    1. How Does A Subscription Work?

    In simple terms, a subscription is a recurring order of the same product, that is placed automatically every 30, 60, or 90 days. 

    So, for example, if you drink your juices every day (and you should if you want amazing results!), you would have to choose 30-day delivery when you subscribe to your desired product. 

    While the order is placed automatically, you do get a notification before your order is due. This is to ensure that you're not charged and the order isn't placed on your behalf if you don't want it for whatever reason.

    Which brings us to the next amazing feature of a subscription: you can pause/cancel your subscription or change your next order date at ANY time. There are no lock-in contracts or minimum purchases either. 

    Don't feel like juicing this month? Pause your subscription or change your order date with just a few clicks. 

    Don't want to use our products anymore? Cancel your subscription in just a few minutes. 

    2. What Are The Biggest Benefits Of A Subscription?

    • TOTAL flexibility: update, reschedule, pause or cancel your order at any time, no questions asked.

    • Massive savings (up to 20% on each subscription) AND stack savings upon savings with our already discounted bundles (save up to 40%).

    • Option for delivery every 30, 60, or 90 days.

    • Get notified before your next order is due (you won't get charged without notice).

    • Convenience: never run out of juice again.

    • Experience the long-term benefits of juicing regularly (weight management, reduced inflammation, more energy, glowing skin, improved metabolism...and much more!)

    • Free shipping (always!).

    3. How Do I Subscribe to Your Products?

    It's very easy and straightforward! Just follow the instructions below and you're all set!

    1. Go to your desired product page. You can find all our products here.

    2. Once you're on the product page, select Subscribe & save on the right hand side, then select your delivery frequency.

    3. Click on Add To Cart and proceed with checkout as you normally would. If you have any subscription discount codes, make sure you use them in the special field on the checkout page. 

    That's it!

    After you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be prompted to create an account. This is where you can manage all your subscription settings, so make sure you store your login details somewhere safe. 


    4. Why Subscribe To Smart Pressed Juice?

    A few reasons come to mind:

    • In any health transformation journey, consistency is key. By subscribing and making the long-term commitment to health, you are setting yourself up for success.
    • You can save a LOT of money on our premium products - even up to 40% in some cases. This is a bargain price since we make our juices with the highest quality superfoods. Our products are so good, that they are endorsed and recommended by nutritionists and medical professionals across America!
    • You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Between the complete flexibility of a subscription and the massive benefits of juicing regularly, you're getting amazing advantages (and there's no "catch"!).

    Essentially, you have 2 choices now:

    1. Continue on the same path as before, and deal with the same feeling of being stuck in a rut, unable to progress towards your goals no matter what you do. 

    2. The SMART choice: make a commitment to change and action it (very important!) by subscribing to a system that has been proven to work over and over, whether you want to lose a few extra pounds, heal your digestion, get rid of bloating, feel more energized, or simply enjoy the vibrant feeling of being at the top of your health!