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  • April 10, 2024 3 min read

    Struggling with digestive issues can put a damper on your daily life, but there are simple, natural solutions to help your system run more smoothly. From increasing your daily fiber intake to supercharging your meals with digestive enzymes and bolstering your gut flora with probiotics, this blog will guide you through three key strategies to enhance your digestive health.

    1. Increase Your Daily Fiber Intake

    Eating enough fiber is one of the fastest ways to give your digestive system a helping hand. It absorbs water, which helps bulk up your stool and makes it easier to pass. So, it's not just about avoiding that bloated, sluggish feeling; fiber also plays a key role in sweeping away waste and toxins, keeping your digestive tract clean and efficient. Plus, it can be a big help in managing blood sugar levels and keeping you feeling fuller longer, which is a bonus if you're watching your weight.

    Recommended for you: Pineapple Chia Cleanse

    Pineapple Chia Cleanse is our famous fiber formula, designed with nature's best superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. It's a delicious way to increase your daily fiber intake without changing everything about your diet. Our customers report reduced bloating, regular bowel movements, and feeling less hungry throughout the day.



    2. Take Digestive Enzymes With Meals

    Whenever you eat a meal, your body needs to break down that food into tiny pieces so it can utilize the nutrients inside. This is what digestive enzymes are for. They process your food into smaller bits so your body can absorb everything it needs it. When we get older, our bodies make less and less digestive enzymes. That limits the nutrient absorption, and may also cause excessive bloating, gas, and indigestion.

    Supplementing digestive enzymes can help reduce digestive issues such as bloating, fatigue after eating and constipation. You can take them with every meal or as needed.

    Here are the 3 main benefits of taking digestive enzymes:

    • Break Down Foods: Digestive enzymes help break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates into smaller molecules, making them easier for your body to absorb.

    • Reduce Discomfort: They can alleviate symptoms of indigestion, such as bloating, gas, and abdominal discomfort, by ensuring food is efficiently digested.

    • Boost Nutrient Absorption: By optimizing the digestion process, digestive enzymes ensure that your body gets the most nutrients out of the food you consume.

    Recommended for you: Digest & Debloat + Apple Cider Vinegar

    Digest & Debloat was formulated to supercharge your digestion with SMART enzymes and apple cider vinegar, so you can enjoy meals without tummy pain, gas, or bloating. Our enzymes work synergistically to break down foods in your stomach, including problem foods like meat, legumes, or dairy. The best part? You can take this supplement with any meal for fast relief!

    It's ideal for you if you often experience...

    • abdominal discomfort
    • feeling too full after a meal
    • gas and bloating
    • slow digestion or constipation

    3. Support Gut Flora With Probiotics

    Probiotics are vital for digestion because they populate your gut with beneficial bacteria. These good bacteria help break down food more effectively, enhance nutrient absorption, and maintain a healthy balance in your digestive system. They also play a crucial role in reinforcing your gut barrier, protecting against harmful bacteria and toxins. Essentially, probiotics keep your digestive tract running smoothly and support overall gut health.

    Recommended for you: Organic Pressed Greens

    Organic Pressed Greens is enriched with probiotics to help support your gut health. It has helped tens of thousands of Americans feel their best again. 

    Organic Pressed Greens is the best tasting green juice on the market, designed with over 20 superfoods for overall health. Just one glass per day is the equivalent of 5 veggie servings, so you can feel good knowing you're giving your body all the nutrients it needs to thrive.


    Revamping your digestive wellness doesn't have to be complicated. By incorporating fiber-rich supplements like Pineapple Chia Cleanse, enzyme-packed aids such as Digest & Debloat + Apple Cider Vinegar, and probiotic-enriched products like Organic Pressed Greens into your routine, you can support your gut in a way that feels good and tastes great. Give your digestive system the love it deserves and start feeling better from the inside out.