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Our Latest Tips on Health & Smart Eating

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A half-body woman making a heart hand gesture on her lower abdomen standing against a blue wall.

Why Some People Get COVID-19 Symptoms and Others Don’t

Woman sitting on the floor holding a healthy bowl of fruits

How to Stay Healthy and Avoid Comfort Foods While in Isolation

A slice of salmon topped with whole pepper corns, beside is a glass scoop of pepper corns, some green vegetables, a pouring glass of olive oil, and some yellow, red and green peppers side by side on a wooden surface.

Mediterranean Diet 101: Everything You Need to Know

A middle-aged man carrying a pitcher of green smoothie and pouring some to his friends' glass. Set in a dining table.

Nature’s Most Powerful Health Solution

A woman sipping a glass of green smoothie while holding it with her left hand and holding a burger on her right hand.

How to Avoid Becoming a Junk Food Vegan

Image of hands cutting a green bell pepper on a cutting board surrounded by fresh vegetables and whole grains.

The Dr. Sebi Diet: Too Extreme or the Real Deal?

Image of a woman doing a yoga pose in an outdoor set up.

How to Restore Your Metabolism at Any Age

A woman enjoying her bowl of green salad - on the wooden table is some onion chives, some jars, an avocado, some herbs in a pot, and some green vegetables.

A Beginner's Guide to Vegan/Plant-Based Diets

Image of woman in her kitchen making a yellow smoothie. On the counter top is a jar of grains, an empty glass, a slice of apple, some nuts, and some slices of pinaepple.

Refresh Your Health Habits in Four Easy Steps!

Image of a fit woman wearing a sports wear stopping and blocking some gigantic donuts and pastries. Set against a white background.

How to Stop Cravings Before They Start

A happy woman looking at the plate full of fruit she's carrying on her right hand while holding a plate full of pastries on her left hand.

How to Stick to Your New Diet and Develop Healthy Habits

Image of bounty of fresh superfoods and vegetables and seeds on a white background

Why Protein and Fiber Are Essential for a Proper Detox