Organic Pressed Greens

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a jar of luminous green detox smoothie wrapped with ribbon string on the neck of the glass surrounded by cilantro, broccoli, ginger and cut lemon on the wooden table.

Love Your Liver Smoothie

top view of berry apple smoothie topped with blue and red berry placed on top of a wooden table

Green Berry Apple Smoothie

a cup of Wendy's Warming Green Matcha Latte with teaspoon next to a creamer and matcha powder

Wendy's Warming Green Matcha Latte

a glass of mixed banana, pineapple, and mango smoothie with a slice of lemon on the of the glass and a half sliced whole pineapple on the side on top of the wooden chopping board

Tropical Debloat Smoothie

a glass of green apple greens smoothie, a jar of smart labeled organic pressed greens and a bear-shaped container filled with honey and a honey digger on the front on top of a white-painted table

Jennifer's Green Apple Greens Smoothie

two bottles of mango greens smoothie with yellow plastic straw surrounded by two mangoes, a sliced mango cut in cubes, and mint leaves on top of a white table

Amy's Mango Greens Smoothie

side view of two glasses of vegan shamrock shake topped with whip cream and mint surrounded by a bunch of mint leaves on top of a wooden table

Vegan Shamrock Shake

two jars of spa greens topped with chia seeds with green patterned paper straw surrounded by a bowl of arugula, a half-slice avocado, a banana on top of a wooden table

Spa Greens

top view of a bowl of coconut water pressed greens smoothie on top of a brown white folded table cloth topped with slices of banana, kiwi, and desiccated coconut surrounded with wooden spoon, arugula, and two slices of kiwi

Coconut Water Pressed Greens Smoothie

a bottle of citrus pressed greens smoothie - fat burner, a can on the side filled with spinach, one green apple and a half-slice lemon surrounded by mint leaves, a green apple, a lime, and a slice of lime on top of a black-painted wooden table

Citrus Pressed Greens Smoothie - Fat Burner

top view of a mug filled with superGreens smoothie topped with kale surrounded by a bunch of kale on top of a wooden table

SuperGreens Smoothie

two jars of organic pressed greens with two black patterned staw topped with arugula surrounded by a sliced of lime, sliced kiwi, broccoli, three green apples, arugula and bokchoy

Creamy Greens

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