Organic Pressed Greens

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top view of berry apple smoothie topped with blue and red berry placed on top of a wooden table

Green Berry Apple Smoothie

top view of three glasses of mixed banana, avocado, and mango smoothie with two blue and green patterned paper straw on top of a table

"Forgot My Greens" Dinner Smoothie

top view of a pitcher with slices of banana, mango, and pineapple with the whole pineapple on the side on top of a wooden table

Shante's Tropical Greens Smoothie

two smart labeled jar with a glass in the middle filled with cherry greens smoothie topped with two spinach and a black patterned plastic straw surrounded by coconut chips on top of a white table

Rose's Cherry Greens Smoothie

two glasses of smoothie topped with two frozen berries and two slices of peaches garnished with mint leaves surrounded by slices of peaches, berries, and a spoon on a plate

Makayla's Everything Smoothie

top view of two plates of fresh pressed greens salad dressing surrounded by two forks, a small bowl of slices of lemon, a bowl of pressed green salad dressing, and a small bowl of black and white sesame seeds on top of a concrete table

Fresh Pressed Greens Salad Dressing

top view of a glass of apple pie pressed greens smoothie topped with a leaf of spinach with leaves of spinach topped with one green apple on the side on top of a marble table

Apple Pie Pressed Greens Smoothie

a bottle of citrus pressed greens smoothie - fat burner, a can on the side filled with spinach, one green apple and a half-slice lemon surrounded by mint leaves, a green apple, a lime, and a slice of lime on top of a black-painted wooden table

Citrus Pressed Greens Smoothie - Fat Burner

side view of two glasses of pressed greens acai smoothie topped with mint with blue-colored cloth and half-cut kiwi surrounded by blueberries and mint on top of a marble table

Pressed Greens Acai Smoothie