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a bowl of lentil soup garnished with green herb beside bird-eye chilies and a bowl of sweet paprika on the wooden surface.

Lentil Soup

top view shot of a plate of salad with kale, spinach topped with 4 different kinds of berries, avocado slices, and chia sprouts beside a smaller bowl of chia sprouts. On the blue surface is 1 strawberry, 2 blueberries, and some green leaf vegetables.

Summer Salad 20 MINS

a plate of kidney and black beans with garbanzo and mushrooms in chili sauce with fresh basil on top

The BEST Vegan Chili- Chef-designed! 45 MINS

1 bowl of roasted spaghetti squash on a wooden table.

Roasted Spaghetti Squash 45 MINS

top view image of a bowl of chickpeas garnished with parsley. On the surface is a slice of lemon, some chickpeas, and parsley.

Spiced Chickpeas with Rotisserie Chicken 30 MINS

top view shot of a bowl of Pico De Gallo.

White Fish Lettuce Tacos with Pico de Gallo 30 MINS

Italian Herb & Chickpea Soup in a wooden bowl.

Italian Herb & Chickpea Soup 40 MINS

a plate of tomato and cucumber salad garnished with green herbs and sliced red onion.

Cucumber Tomato Salad 10 MINS

2 chicken breast topped with black pepper corns in a frying pan.

Smart Pressed Roman Chicken

top view of smart pressed nicoise salad on a plate on top of a white table

Smart Pressed Nicoise Salad

top view shot of a bowl Vegan Pozole Verde- a soup with chickpeas, garnished with chopped avocado, slices of radish, chopped parsley, and chopped green bird chili.

Smart Pressed Recipe: Vegan Pozole Verde 53 MINS

haricot verts surrounded by green leafy vegetables.

The Modern Niçoise Salad - Cleanse Approved! 20 MINS

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