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Image of a woman wearing a peach sweater against a pink wall suffering from stomach ache and constipation with painful grimace.

Are Laxatives Good For Constipation?

Image of a person in a white T-shirt holding a red heart replica against his right chest.

Superfoods That Can Benefit Heart Health By Dr. Jason Dave

Avocado next to glass of purple berry smoothie with a mint leaf

Avocado Berry Cut Cravings Smoothie

Image of a bunch of barley shaped into a heart on a marble surface.

How To Get Started With Fiber: 4 Simple Tips From a Doctor By Dr. Jason Dave

Right foot stepping in a black analog weighing scale on a wooden floor.

When the Scale Keeps Going Up By Dr. Cassidy Miller

Image of a woman's hand pinching her belly fat, set against a white background.

Belly Fat (and the hormone that’s responsible for it) By Dr. Jason Dave

Image of a pineapple cut in half against a yellow background.

The Doctor’s Guide to Pineapple Chia Cleanse By Dr. Cassidy Miller, ND

Image of a woman sitting on her bed in agony. Behind her is a grey wall with 2 art frames, and in the middle of the image is a text that says, "Menopause".

How to Navigate Hormones After 35

Image of a woman holding a grapefruit on her right hand and a dumbbell on her left hand. In front of her is a white table with a bowl full of fruits and vegetables and a clipboard with a paper and pencil.

The Doctor’s Guide to the Debloat Bundle By Dr. Cassidy Miller, ND

Image of a woman on sitting on her bed corner holding her stomach with a painful grimace.

Constipation and How to Restore The Flow

Image of a half-body woman holding a bowl of salad on her right hand and a measuring tape on her waist using her left hand.

The Ultimate Guide to Bloating

Image of a super thrilled man wearing a sports headband holding a 4-pound cake. Beside is a woman with a concerned face and a stop hand gesture. They are standing against a light purple background.

A Doctor’s Guide to Finally Conquering Your Cravings