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Our Latest Tips on Health & Smart Eating

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Chicken caesar salad drizzled with creamy dressing with croutons in a white bowl on a wooden table

These Health Foods Sure Fooled Us

Blocks letters spelling out impossibe with hand removing the letters IM to spell "POSSIBLE"

5 Steps to Reset Your Mindset

Top view of someone sitting cross legged and holding bowl of salad next to cutting board with vegetables, jump rope, measuring tape and bottle of water.

Here’s How to Eat Clean The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Eating By Dr. Jason Dave

Image of a person in a white T-shirt holding a red heart replica against his right chest.

Superfoods That Can Benefit Heart Health By Dr. Jason Dave

Avocado next to glass of purple berry smoothie with a mint leaf

Avocado Berry Cut Cravings Smoothie

Image of a female Doctor writing in a paper on the white kitchen top. In front of her is a glass of water and fruits like oranges, banana, lemon, carrots, and vegetables like carrot and parsley with a measuring tape along with the foods.

The Doctor’s Guide to the LIFE Bundle By Dr. Cassidy Miller, ND

Image of a woman sitting on her bed in agony. Behind her is a grey wall with 2 art frames, and in the middle of the image is a text that says, "Menopause".

How to Navigate Hormones After 35

Image of a woman who just woke up, still sitting on her bed, and stretching her arms in an upward pose.

The Perfect Morning Routine You Can Try Now ☕

Image of 2 jars of orange-colored smoothie with a straw surrounded by 3 carrots in a jar, 1 carrot on the surface, a slice of ginger, half an orange, 2 oranges, and 2 green apples.

What Does a Juice Cleanse Actually Do for Your Body?

Image of a woman standing in front of a wooden table on her kitchen joggling an apple on her right hand. On the wooden table top is her groceries.

7 Days to a Health and Hormone Overhaul

Image of a bored-looking woman leaning on a marble table top with a silver disco ball in front of her. Set against a pink wall.

Feeling the Blues?

Image of a male doctor in a shushing hand gesture against a yellow wall.

This Ingredient Can Help You Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

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