Our Latest Tips on Health & Smart Eating

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front view of a mother holding a jar of candy and a boy and a girl holding a pumpkin shape basket with a pumpkin curved as a skull and a two pumpkin with a wooden spoon on the side on top of a wooden table

5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween (Plus 1 Detox Recipe Just in Case)

Image of a problematic-looking woman in yellow sweatshirt covering her right eye with her right hand and her left eye closed. She is standing against a blue wall.

7 Common Nutrient Deficiencies That Lead to Health Problems

Top view image of multiple bowls of variety of nuts and grains.

The Top 10 Alternative Sources of Proteins for Vegans and Vegetarians

Image of a half-body woman in her kitchen chopping a yellow pumpkin.

7 Fall Foods that Strengthen Your Immune System

Image of a happy woman making her smoothie using a hand-held blender on her kitchen top.

Nutrition On-the-Go: Designing the Perfect Meal Replacement Shake

Image of 3 half-body people holding together a basket of apples.

Eating Seasonally: 5 Things You Should Eat During Fall (Plus One You Shouldn’t)

Image of a woman looking shock while holding a measuring tape tightly wrapped around her waist. She is standing against a white background.

11 Flat Belly Tips: Health Secrets That Reduce Bloating

4 middle age women, each of them are holding a rolled yoga mat on their 1 arm walking side by side in an outdoor place.

5 Tips for Keeping the Weight Off With Age

Image of a woman in front of a convenient store shelves holding and reading a yellow/black  box.

Don’t Get Tricked: How to Outsmart Misleading Food Labels

Feet on a weighing scale tied with a measuring tape

Why BMI Is BS: Healthier Ways to Measure Body Weight and Fat

top view of four packs of smart pressed juice products, one pineapple chia cleanse, one revive beets roots, one organic pressed green, and one vegan vanilla proteini

How to Use Smart Pressed Juice Products

A sick girl wrapped in a thick sipping a hot drink.

What to Do When You Get Sick